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i hate my parents. -.- banning me from using the computer, so i'm forced to do everything from school. All because i didnt do four essays for english =P They're such dumbasses, they ban me from the computer, but i need to use the computer to do the essays -.- Well, i'm a stubborn fool, and i'm not gonna do them just to spite them because i dont work well under force -.- you force me to do something, i'll never do it *sigh* i was going to do them too... had to do it so i wouldnt fail english this quarter... and i can't fail if i want to go to the college i want to... but now i really don't want to, and i feel like pissing my parents off -.-

Give me some advice, June and Tim. Though i can pretty much already hear what you guys are going to say, but i still want to hear in case i'm wrong.

I feel like taking my money and running away to San Francisco =[ Least there i know somebody cares about me. Yea, i know what ur gonna say, my parents care about me, and i concede, they care about me.....a little, but not as much as i know the people i know at SF do...

They don't care about me when it really matters, like when i'm clearly sad, all they do is ignore me, and then they yell at me when i do something wrong, when i clearly am not in the mood to be yelled at -.- almost hit my parents, but i restrained.....barely. i don't know how much longer i can handle this... oh wow, i need help...


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Only cause I love spam <3
timmeh7o7 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
Hey Cy xD What's up?
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Welcome to the Family :devart:.
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